Venus Remedies Secures a Patent for Its Antibiotic From Mexico

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Venus Remedies (BSE:526953) (NSE:VENUSREM) has secured a patent from Mexico for its new antibiotic product Potentox. The patent has been granted by the Mexican Institute of Industrial property, and it safeguards the composition of Potentox.

The patent provided to Potentox is valid till 2025. Apart from Mexico, there are many other countries like India, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa, Canada and Ukraine that have granted a patent to Potentox.

Potentox is an antibiotic adjuvant entity, which will have the potential to be used if hospital acquired Pneumonia and febrile neutropenia infections, mainly caused by quinolones and aminolgycoside resistant microbes.

Response of the Drug is Encouraging

The response, which the Potentox is getting worldwide, is encouraging for Venus. The combined growth rate for the product comes in at 50 percent over the past three years. Venus is in talks with some big pharma companies for strategic agreements inorder to take this drug to Mexico. The company will file the common technical documents soon, but it will be able to launch the drug in Mexico in the next two to three days.

Immense potential

The cost of one healthcare associated infection in the ICU of Mexican hospital is $12,155. The statistics released by WHO for Mexico state that healthcare associated infection is the third most powerful reason for the deaths.  The country pays out around 70 percent of its total health budget on the extra cost due to hospital acquired infection.

The clinical trials of Potentox were done on 500 patients, and it showed the decline in the cost of therapy by 30-40 percent compared to other therapies. In India, the use of Potentox can be done to treat the infections, which are caused due to resistant gram negative pathogens in the ICU.

Globally, the market of hospital acquired bacterial infection is around US $9 billion in 2010. Potentox can be used to cure 50 percent of this market.

Other drugs

Elores, a drug from Venus Remedies Ltd has received Gold Medal by DSTLockheed Martin India Innovation growth Program for being the best innovation. Elores is used to cure multidrug resistant ESBL and MBL producing gram negative ICU infections, which cannot be cured by other antibiotics

CTD has been filed for this drug, in Europe, and the drug maker is looking forward to launch the drug in the International markets backed by Lockheed Martin Foundation, DST, FICCI and all the associated bodies.

The drug helps in bringing down the cost of therapy by 50 percent, and the rate of curing is 30 percent faster than the other drugs. The Drug also maintains the ecology of the hospital. Elores can be one of the most successful drugs in the future.

The company launched its first OTC product EZENUS, which is a stress reliever. The product is based on German Technology and is safeguarded by patent. It is an anti stress formulation that is a strong detoxifier candy. The product has no side effects and contains powerful antioxidants, hepato-protective and increases the immunity in the body, which helps in relieving stress.