MicroCap Intelligence Test Article

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) has recently announced that it has bought 75M shares of Apple (APPL). Subsequently, APPL shares have risen quite significantly. Tesla (TSLA) is another fine company that seems to be doing well. General Electric (GE) has been on the rocks. Another company to keep watch on is The TradeDesk (TTD) which just had a monster earnings call. (Apple) is here too.… Read more

Nanosphere, Inc (NSPH): An Unappreciated Growth Story

Nanosphere develops molecular diagnostic tests and markets its products under the Verigene system brand. Over the last three years, Nanosphere’s revenue has increased by a factor of four. This company has positioned itself to leverage the growing molecular diagnostic industry. It recently received FDA clearance for an enteric test that should act as a huge growth catalyst, but the market has punished it severely instead. … Read more

Inuvo, Inc (INUV) Has Reached Profitability Amid Compelling Growth

Inuvo, Inc (INUV) went through a painful corporate restructuring process in recent years. Over the last 24 months, it has demonstrated compelling growth prospects and has reached profitability. We believe this microcap turnaround company will continue to grow and has substantial potential to deliver value to investors.

Business Model

Inuvo, Inc., is an Internet marketing and technology company. It is engaged in developing cloud based software and analytics technology for online advertisers and website publishers.… Read more

Cryoport (CYRX) is Coming Back as a Leader in Biotech Shipments

When Cryoport Inc (CYRX) went public in March, 2005, it was trading at US$ 50.80 per share. It was based on the promise that Cryoport would become the market leader in frozen shipping logistics solution to the biotechnology and life science industries. Back then, Cyroport’s solution were disruptive to the established technologies in the frozen shipping segment.

Shipments of biological materials had been frozen in dry ice, which often required re-icing during transit.… Read more

McLeod Russel India Limited: World’s Largest Tea Company

[Ed. Note – This article does not meet our new editorial guidelines, nor does the company mentioned meet our investment criteria. It will be removed from the site in the future.]

McLeod Russel India Limited (BSE:532654) is a midcap (33710 million rupees) India-based company belonging to the Williamson Magor group. It is India’s largest exporter of tea and also the largest tea planter and producer in the world, with tea estates in Assam and West Bengal as well as in Vietnam, Uganda and Rwanda.… Read more